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Updated: June 18, 2002
Pos Driver Events Last Event Season Rating
1 Hardluck 13 10.00 9.85
2 RooBah 12 8.70 9.41
3 Grim 13 8.17 9.40
4 Hawkeye 14 8.09 8.47

How This Index Works...

This is a system I came up with to determine who are the seasons fastest sliders. This system has nothing to do with how many wins or points a driver may have, it is based on the fastest individual laps per week during the season.
Here's how it works...

All League Member are given 10 "Hot-Lap Points" for each event. The driver with the fastest lap of the night (Heat or Feature Race. Shoot-Outs don't count) gets to keep all 10 of his "Hot-Lap Points". All other drivers will take their best lap of the night, and subtract from it the best over all lap of the night. What they're left with is then subtracted from the 10 "Hot-Lap Points" they were given for that week and that is the rating they receive for that week.

Here is an example:

28.75 (best lap of the night for PlayerX)
-28.55 (best
over all lap of the night)

10.00 (starting Hot-Lap Points for PlayerX)
- .20 (lap difference)
9.80 (Fastest Slider rating for the week, for PlayerX)

This index will show the
average weekly rating for each driver. Where will you rank ?

NOTE: Should a League Member
not show up for 5 events during the season, or not complete a lap for 5 events during the season,that member will not be eligable for the Fastest Sliders Index